Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You STOLE IT Cindy McCain

Well once again we have some embellishing going on in the ranks of our politicians. First it was Hilary Clinton and her 96' trip to the front lines of Bosnia, and how she landed under sniper fire in the war torn country. But now, now we have something that's even worse in my opinion. Sen. John McCain's wife was recently busted for posting so-called "family recipes" on her website. These recipes were actually lifted from the Food Network!

The Huffington Post reports the page featuring Cindy McCain's family recipes has been taken down. The campaign is blaming an intern for posting them without attribution, CNN and reported. Just one problem with that, the Post noted. The Republican presidential contender's wife submitted the recipe for Passion Fruit Mousse as her own for a New York Sun article in January.

Ok, if you have a recipe that's not yours, fine, since most of them are already in the Joy of Cooking. However, please please don't pretend it's from your family when it's not. I mean come on...... she had an intern come up with some recipes that would make her cool and appealing to the public. Well, I'm offended! There are so many people in the food industry working their asses off to come up with ideas and different recipes. They sure don't deserve this kind of behavior nor should they tolerate it! I don't mind simple embellishing but to outright lie about it, well that's another story. Phoooie on you Cindy and your intern! 


Keith said...

Damn Republicans! haha j/k But yeah give credit where credit is due. Geez.

Kimi said...

Great article!

By the way, I have just tagged you for a meme! Check out my blog post to find out what the scoop is!

Darlene said...

Actually Mrs. McCain seems to be the type of person that doesn't even pour herself a bowl of cereal.

Mike said...

Mrs. McCain is quite an accomplished woman if you bothered to research her. She has also made her share of mistakes, taken responsibility, and paid the price. She is more real than many others in the public eye.

Aaron K said...

Mike, you completely missed the point. I wouldn't care if she was the Dali Lama the fact of the matter is she stole something and tried to pass it off as her own. This is a FOOD ISSUE and it affects us in the industry! Good day to you sir. -Aaron