Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring's in the Air

Well, I ended up having a wonderful 3 day weekend this past weekend. My job gave everyone Friday off to prepare for the long hours and mental strain of working the 08' Florida Session. You would have thought that I could have been productive and made a ton of chocolates or worked on my blog or website....well you would have. Instead I had the most enjoyable time of playing, eating and pretty much just sluffing off. 

Adrianne and I ate at some of our favorite restaurants, we drank champagne, grilled cornish game hens, declared war on our cat, slid around in our socks, cleaned the house, oh... and watched Wes Anderson's Darjeeling Limited (which I highly recommend). It couldn't have been more fun. 

The weather and temperature was perfect! It reminded me why I live in Florida and not in the frozen tundra. While all of my friends up north were shoveling themselves out we were in our shorts and tees with the windows open. I felt like one of those twitterpated squirrels you see darting out in the traffic chasing each other. There was just something in the air. I love this time of year! Trust me...chocolates are soon to come! 

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