Monday, December 22, 2008

World of Warcrack!

It's been an eternity since my last blog and I really need to roll up my sleeves and get back to some good ol' writing and cooking. I blame most of it on an addiction to World of Warcraft, which by the way I have happily kicked. A friend of mine introduced me to the game some call the "World of War-Crack" because of its addictive properties. I started playing it back in March and it wasn't till last month that I decided to stop cold turkey and get a grip on REALITY. I'm feeling much better now thank you.

So, the days ahead are gonna be exciting. This is the time of year I scramble to find decent chocolates, spices and fruits for the piles of truffles that need to be made. Stay tuned and I'll keep you all posted on the happenings and goings on of the Xocoatl Express!